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Laboratory of Genetics and Biology of the Cell (LGBC)

Director: Isabelle GUENAL
Secretary: Emeric HERMANT

The laboratory


Molecular and cellular aspects of biology

Research topics

Our research topics concern the study of the response of cells to various stresses, such as the deregulation of oncosuppressor activity or signaling pathways involved in inflammation or viral or bacterial infection. Mitochondria play a key role in the response of cells to these stresses by controlling a number of processes such as apoptosis, ferroptosis, mitophagy, or mitochondrial UPR. The projects of the laboratory are focused on the study of the integration of cellular stress at the mitochondrial level. Three types of mitochondrial regulators are at the center of our projects: proteins of the Bcl-2 family known as regulators of apoptosis, ATF transcription factors involved in UPR responses and sideroflexins, mitochondrial membrane transporters still poorly characterized. For this, we use mammalian cell models and Drosophila.

In Drosophila, we are also developing models that mimic human pathological mechanisms.
Additional information
  • The laboratory is attached to the Faculty of Science
  • Reference : UR 4589
  • Department : Biology, medicine, health